With more than 40 years of experience in the field of research and development of artificial sunlight Atlas Custom Systems has established itself as a global leader specializing in technical lighting systems for high-speed photography. These systems are predominantly used in the area of automotive, transportation, aviation or aerospace and are responsible for enabling high-speed cameras to develop their full potential during crash tests.

High-speed photography for crash tests requires the equipment to meet the highest standards. In a fraction of a second prototypes of new vehicles are being destroyed in order to gain potentially life-saving insights for series production. Every malfunction of the technical equipment can render the test useless and consequently cause enormous costs. Therefore the lighting system has to be extremely reliable and meet the highest photographic demands: High-speed cameras record several thousand pictures per second and require very short exposure times which in turn need extremely bright and precise lighting.

aroma:id developed an integrated system for this high-performance floodlight, combining the individual CL4000 LED modules with a frame. The CL4000 LED modules for the system were designed as a sheet metal construction ensuring a high level of material efficiency for the entire construction while at the same time guaranteeing an impermeability against RF radiation. The black aluminum bodies are integrated into the distinctly flat design on the back of the LED board. These are realized as continuous casting parts and provide the necessary cooling of each unit.

Press photo Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH

The mounting frame allows for a high degree of customizability. The CL4000 LED units can be arranged in a number of rows and columns with infinitely variable distances between each unit which makes a virtually stepless scalability of the system possible. In order to do so carry over parts (COP) that can be shortened as needed are used to simplify the management of the manufacturing process. In this way the whole system can easily be extended at a reasonable price later on. Moreover, a single mobile module to selectively support the illumination is available as well. By adjusting the tilting of the modules the user can true up the lighting for each and every case of application. A special feature of the system aroma:id designed is the fact that the modular fixture seamlessly includes each CL4000 unit, making it a supporting entity of the entire lighting frame. The design of the angled shape transitions supports this feature by seamlessly connecting the contours between the modules and including the corners of the frame construction into this form language. The cable system is hidden almost invisibly within the frame profiles and the LED modules in order not to interfere with the modern and minimalistic appearance of the lighting system.

In May 2019 Atlas Custom Systems presented the new CL4000 high performance floodlight and demonstrated it to the world public at various exhibitions.

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