Since 2012 we have been supporting Schneider in all processes from research to the final product. Schneider is one of the oldest manufacturers of ball pen refills in the world and known for exceptional quality and the highest environmental standards.

aroma:id supported Schneider in developing the rollerball product line One Business. Breaking down the abundance of variations into a comprehensive colour concept was one of the essential affordances of this project. Different writing tip technologies as well as various tip sizes had to be organized while at the same time clearly communicating the respective writing colours. Combining a soft and a hard plastic component was essential for managing this balancing act. The colour of the soft component was designed in three different colour gradations - each representing one of the three writing tips (Hybrid Conus / Hybrid Needle / Ultra-Smooth). That way the different rollerballs can be distinguished at first sight. Additionally a writing tip symbol as well as the line width are printed on the center of the banderole in order to clearly communicate the writing tip used. The rigid component is made from a semi-transparent plastic in the respective ink colour enabling the user to quickly check the ink level. By contrast the ink regulator is hidden under the grip zone which is made from a flexible plastic material representing the elaborate lamella technology underneath and guaranteeing a secure hold for relaxed writing. The outer shape of the pen is inspired by the traditional fountain pen and reflects its kinship with these classic writing instruments. Sweeping lines divide rigid and flexible components and interpret in this way the dynamic impression given by the smooth writing experience.

Farbkodierung der Tintenfarbe

Erhältlich mit verschiedenen Schreibspitzen

The One Business product line is complemented by the One Highlighter, a marker pen with a broad felt tip. The black soft component emphasizes and contrasts the neon coloured ink in its clear hard plastic housing. The premium metal clip that can be found across the whole One Business range rounds out the picture of simultaneously appealing and functional writing instrument.

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