The changed buying behavior of today‘s rail travelers as well as the fact that digitalization has already made an impact on the modern mobility market calls for a revision of the way that customer support is understood and consequently for a modern concept for the travel centers of Deutsche Bahn. In the light of this development Deutsche Bahn, the German railway company, entrusted aroma:id with the design and development of a novel space concept as part of a pilot project for the travel center in the main railway station in Leipzig, which is one the top-30 travel centers in Germany. Apart from the space concept of the travel center the development of a service module as well as a customer terminal that complement the innovative service concept as a whole was a decisive part of the project.

The new space concept incorporates a self-service area where several ticket machines can be found as soon as the customer enters the travel center, enabling the traveler to quickly purchase tickets. Should the customer require other services that exceed the ticket machine’s range of functions she or he can enter the service area and use one of the new customer terminals. Moreover, the traveler can call a service employee of Deutsche Bahn to help her or him using the customer terminal or to receive more individual in-depth advice in a separate consulting area. Apart from these two areas the travel center also incorporates a more traditional ticket counter where travelers can profit from a more intensive and personal service.

The interior objects for the service area designed by aroma:id comprise a customer terminal with an attached display explaining the terminal’s functions as well as a service module that can be locked when it is not needed. This module enables service employees to use a laptop and to receive cashless payments for ticket sales and so forth. The design of these objects was placed on a friendly and open appearance inviting the customer and the service personnel to frequently make use of the new service possibilities. One of the most important aspects was to design the interior objects in a way that they can easily be combined with the already existing ticket counters while at the same time communicating the newness of Deutsche Bahn’s innovative service concept. The possibility to adjust the height of the service module allows for an ergonomic optimization in order to cater for the needs of users of different body heights. All pieces of furniture can be positioned flexibly guaranteeing the possibility to create an optimized layout for each and every travel center of Deutsche Bahn.

The pilot travel center in Leipzig’s main station was ceremoniously opened by the mayor of Leipzig on 14th August 2019 with numerous members of the press present.


Footage by Martin Förster

Footage by Martin Förster

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