The new ION-Sei electric toothbrush was first unveiled at the IFA 2017 in Berlin. For this new method of brushing your teeth, aroma:id has designed the whole set consisting of brush head, charger and handpiece. From the first sketch till the final product, aroma:id supported ION-Sei through the whole process.

ION-Sei is an innovation: a different kind of electric toothbrush that uses patented technology, simple water, and your body´s natural electrical charge to deliver a deep yet gentle clean. Electrons generated travel through simple water onto your teeth. Along with the 31,000 strokes per minute soundwave vibration technology, this enables an advanced ionic cleaning effect that works in harmony with your body. In light of the Japanese way of thinking, Ion-Sei truly believes that a healthier mouth and body leads to a happier life.

Ideation sketches

Rapid prototyping (3D prints)

Available colors "Lake Blue" and "Day White"

The ION-Sei electric toothbrush makes use of the human body's natural electrical current. By touching the conductor and through the connection between the user's saliva and the titanium bar in the brush head an electric circuit is being closed causing a weak counter-charge. This inhibits the formation of plaque while bacterial growth is kept to the absolute minimum. Plaque and bacteria are kept away from the teeth and are instead concentrated and bound to the brush head through the accrued electrons.

ION-Sei booth at the IFA 2017

Furthermore, aroma:id designed the booth for ION-Sei in 2017 where the new electric toothbrush was unveiled. The 18,75 square meter booth was designed according to the design guidelines of ION-Sei. aroma:id was responsible for the whole design and communication process with the booth building company. Every single part has been specially developed for this fair. The high ­presentation platforms aroma:id created for the fair were well received and attracted numerous visitors to the stand. A clean look, with lake blue as the main color which represents some of Japan´s most ­beautiful lakes, was the link to the Japanese company.

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