Founded in 2011, fosera. based in southern Germany, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality solar home systems for the rural electrification market. Their vision is to be able to offer energy services similar to those found in households in industrialised countries to people around the world who do not have secure access to the electricity grid whilst being more cost-effective, efficient and based on sustainable, renewable energy. So far, fosera. has helped around 1.5 million people live better lives and saved around 700,000 tonnes of CO₂. In Thailand and Ethiopia, fosera. products are manufactured according to the highest western standards and since 2017 some of them carry the design of aroma:id.

fosera. EVO with side slots

fosera. EVO lithium battery housing with wall mounting

fosera. EVO is the most powerful solar home system to date, which, in addition to operating lamps, radio, TV and charging mobile phones, also enables higher-value energy services, such as the use of a refrigerator. For this purpose, the device combines a conventional 12 V lead battery (car battery) with a lithium battery in an innovative way and thus uses the advantages of both energy storage systems. The service life is significantly increased and the costs greatly reduced. An instalment payment system makes it easy for customers with low payments to get started, while the system can also be easily upgraded as their needs change.

When designing the fosera. EVO, the focus was on a particularly uncomplicated, low-cost manufacturability that nevertheless meets all requirements for robustness and modularity. With three main housing parts, the design of aroma:id allows for operating the system purely with a lithium battery (in the upper housing) or in combination with a lead battery (in the lower housing part). The distinctive indentation on the side of the housing fulfils several functions: In addition to increasing the stability of the body, it forms recessed grips that make fosera. EVO easy to carry. This shape is continued on the upper part of the enclosure and forms two indentations on the sides. Screw holes are integrated here for fastening the upper part of the housing to the wall or to the lower housing part. At the same time, the design emphasises an important functional area, as this is where the slots are located namely fosera. jack and USB for connecting various devices. Furthermore, this reduces the width of the module's board, which is another advantage. The operating interface has only one push-button, which is enclosed by a rotary dial. In combination with the economical LCD pixel display, it allows for an easy, intuitive operation of all functions of fosera. EVO.

fosera. EVO operating interface and complete housing

fosera. SPARK lampshade design

fosera. SPARK solar system. Picture: fosera.

The design language of fosera. EVO is continued in fosera. IGNITE and the smaller version fosera. SPARK. For this entry-level system with lithium battery, aroma:id has designed the lampshade, which combines classic form and practical features and takes up formal characteristics of the fosera. MobileOne flashlight. It uses ultra-efficient LEDs that can be operated with a touch switch and dimmed in three steps.

Picture: fosera.

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