FUBAG is an internationally operating company based in Moscow offering electricity generators, compressors, compressed air tools, welding machines, battery starters, motor pumps, stone cutting machines and various other tools for the construction industry. FUBAG approached aroma:id looking for a consistent design language across all product segments. Especially for the Russian market FUBAG wanted to communicate a coherent brand design emphasizing the quality of the products as well as the brand’s aspiration to be a technology and full-range solutions supplier in the construction sector.

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The scope of the project encompasses about a dozen product categories consisting of almost 200 machines for which aroma:id developed a new product identity based on the new brand logo. The main challenge of this task was not only the large number of products with their widely differing product architectures but also the tight project schedule as well as the management of the source material that was provided in various forms and qualities. All labeling, including numerous interface inscriptions along with new icons for the most diverse functions were developed by aroma:id. For each and every product drawings and print data were generated and high-resolution catalogue images were edited, showing the products in their new design. In order to guarantee a consistent brand appearance for future products in the long term the new design principles were documented in a comprehensive style guide. This style guide covers a plethora of product architectures as well as rules and no-goes for many possible exceptions.

By choosing “Neue Helvetica” using two font faces aroma:id builds on a typographically proven font and thus provides the necessary seriousness and readability. A certain amount of exclusivity was achieved by the color that dominates every single product: In numerous iterations between aroma:id and FUBAG a particular shade of red was determined which is characterized by a comparably bright but at the same time highly saturated color, that distinguishes itself subtly but distinctively from other shades of red in the market. With its extraordinary vibrancy the new color emphasizes the performance of the machines and at the same time instantly communicates the cohesiveness of the new product portfolio.

The recognition of various FUBAG products with renowned design awards like Red Dot (2018) and IF (2018, 2020) confirm the high quality regarding ergonomics, functionality, interface and intelligibility. aroma:id is proud of having contributed its part to this success.

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