Design support in all categories. For many years aroma:id has been supporting the design departments of the Braun brand as an extended workbench in all matters in the field of design.

In the field of kitchen appliances the Identity Collection would be a prime example of a project with Braun that aroma:id was involved in to a great extent. The collection's slogan "Unmistakably you. Unmistakably Braun." describes the significant Braun design as well as the manifold possible applications the user can choose from. The Identity Collection impresses with a smart and powerful performance which is also reflected by its design. The design task of aroma:id was to translate the performance and the numerous functions into a compact and elegant design which is characterized by ergonomical and intuitive controls that are suitable for users with varying user behaviors. Therefore, the design of the entire collection is marked by a compact integral product architecture that exudes a subtle elegance with its material combination of black glossy plastic, a synthetic transparent BPA-free material and premium controls made from stainless steel.

One of the many products that aroma:id worked on extensively is the Food Processor FP 5150. Picking up on the iconic racetrack shape the integral architecture gives the appliance a very compact look. The slightly widened base secures a solid footing even when the appliance is rotating on the highest level. The concavely shaped base hides the air vents for the motor unit in the fillet that accrues on the main body. The prominent control elements are the subtle ergonomically shaped handle of the removable container that integrates into the motor unit and the sophisticated rotary controls made from brushed stainless steel. Despite of the manifold setting options the controls are very neatly arranged and allow for a quick and intuitive operation.

Braun Identity Collection Food Processor FP 5150

Redesign Speed Control – Handblender MQ 5 Vario

Based on the previous version MR 700 the redesign focuses on optimizing user friendliness. This is achieved on the one hand by an easily readable speed scale and on the other hand by an intuitive operation of the rotary knob. The solution is a transparent rotary knob that can be operated with one hand. The speed can be conveniently adjusted with a movement of the thumb. The operating speed can also be easily adjusted while using the blender since the grip around the handle does not have to be loosened in order to do so. 

Inspired by the clock-face of a wrist watch the dial and the colored pointer are positioned behind a transparent rotary swivel. Thus the entire speed control unit is clearly visible from the users perspective without compromising the look and feel. The filigree pointer allows for precise adjustment of the operating speed to ensure utmost precision while preparing a meal.

Braun Identity Collection Food Steamer FS 5100

The collection's food steamer was developed with a smart combination of multi-functionality, design and compact performance in mind. Similar to the food processor the design is characterized by an integral architecture - despite containers of various sizes and a concise horizontal segmentation. The lower base unit determines the foot print which is continued by the circumferential handles of the containers that are placed on top. These containers are made of transparent BPA-free plastics showcasing the food that is prepared. The use of transparent materials and a recessed bottom surface ensure a sleek and elegant appearance despite of the food steamer's size.
In order to guarantee a compact stowage possibility both containers as well as the lid can be positioned within each other. Even when assembled in its entirety the inlying lid handle reduces the overall height of the food steamer while improving the drip-off characteristics at the same time. 

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