Sunrise Medical is introducing the JIVE M² Sedeo Ergo, a new high-end product on the market of electric wheelchairs.

The special challenge for aroma:id was to develop a design concept that is compatible with the modularity and the high degree of customizability of the wheelchair. Building on Sunrise Medical’s patented biomechanical seat system aroma:id has designed up to CAD the determinative elements of the cladding as well as the ergonomics and functionality of the seat cushions and armrests. Finally aroma:id provided the concept for the color&trim: With black as a consistent main color the JIVE M² Sedeo Ergo presents itself with the poised seriousness which lives up to its advanced technology. The color accents promote not only the slight appearance of the cladding parts, but also emphasize by their contrasting color choice the dynamic character of this outstandingly agile power chair.

Steps of transformation

Adjustable armrest

colour & material range

Adjustable headrest




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