Fissler is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality cookware. The product range of the company, which was founded in Idar-Oberstein in 1845, includes pots, pans, and kitchen gadgets, which have received numerous awards for innovative design and outstanding quality.

More than 40 years ago, Fissler launched the Original-Profi Collection®, which was developed in collaboration with master chefs. Today it is one of the best-selling and most copied cookware series worldwide. It was with equal appreciation that aroma:id accepted the challenge of complementing this icon with a dignified, modernized counterpart that would meet the highest design demands both in a Michelin-starred kitchen and on the stove at home. In March 2020 the design developed by aroma:id was initially introduced as the Fissler pure-profi collection®. Within the tightly defined scope, the relationship to the time-honored collection and contemporary, straightforward style elements were combined to create a consistently designed series. The design language focuses on a distinctive angular design, which is not only due to the aesthetics but is also expedient for the functionality and handling. The chrome-colored cold-metal handles are flatter in the visible area at the top and have a flatter design than in the touching area at the bottom. On the underneath, however, the profile does the utmost justice to finger ergonomics. The fact that this unmistakable haptic also increases the feeling of safety when handling the pots is immediately noticeable when the user puts his thumb on the wide surfaces. The overall shape of the handles is just as puristic and angular, leaping to a higher level with a clear angulation to circle flatly around the pot – again at a sharp angle – in an arc. The high position of the handles improves the balance of the pots when carried, while the wide profile also makes pouring easier. It is precisely at this point that the high functionality of the Original-Profi Collection is once again demonstrated: the highly polished, wide pot rim harmonizes with the handles not only because of its inclined, funnel-shaped profile. It also guarantees clean pouring and at the same time achieves a fit with the lid that is very easy to handle. The pot and lid can be placed immediately. Further inside the pot lid, the handle is attached to a characteristic chrome ring which, with its spot welding, ensures that the metal handles remain reliably cool even when the pot contents reach the highest temperatures. A bulge in the pot lid at the center allows condensed steam to drip back onto the food.

Early stage product rendering

Our in-house made early stage 3D print

In addition to the stainless steel pans and pots, aroma:id has also applied the design language to the saucepan, which has completely different handling and thus also holds a certain unique position in the design. The grip when carried, swiveled, or poured is particularly safe and easy to feel thanks to the angular profile. The end of the chrome-plated handle, designed entirely as a voluminous body, forms an angular eyelet for hanging. Here, again, the design could be joined without compromise to the very practical – a quality that distinguishes each and every product of this premium cooking series.


The Original-Profi Collection has been honored with both the iF Award 2020 for its combination of uncompromising quality and unique design, and the Red Dot Award 2022, where the jury particularly emphasized its timeless design and sustainable production.

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