The Schneider Ray - available as fountain pen and rollerball - with its modern sporty design is mainly aimed at students and was honored with the Plus X Award in 2018.

At first sight the characteristic sweeps that divide the hard and soft components of the pen can be noticed. The contrasting colours further emphasize the dynamic character of the pen which contributes to the overall impression. The edged profile of the barrel and the cap geometrically define the distinct split lines. The close-fitting chromed clip is integrated smoothly into the main shape. One important aspect of the design is the symmetrical barrel, made from soft plastic, that ensures ergonomical suitability for both, left-handed and right-handed users. The subtle triangular profile defines the universal and at the same time uncompromising ergonomics. By its very nature a rotationally symmetrical shapes in the cap area enhance the usability when placing the cap or changing the cartridges. This is why the prominent profiles transition into round shapes towards the middle of the barrel. And that is exactly the part where the designer's love for detail and the engineer's finesse can be felt: When turning the cap it will lock into place every 180 degrees with a subtle click sound and with that aligning the lines that sweep across the pen for the most harmonious appearance.

Press photo Schneider Schreiberäte GmbH

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