A multi-variable suspension arm system with a sleek design. A perfect solution for universal tasks handling low and medium weight.

profiPLUS 50 is a multivariable suspension arm system designed by aroma:id for ROLEC that does not make any compromises when it comes to design while at the time meeting all requirements regarding compatibility and flexibility. The overall appearance is characterized by ball joints. The timeless appearance of the system harmonizes well with the design of modern machines and control units of ROLEC or other leading manufactures such as Siemens, Beckhoff, CRE Rösler. In addition to the affordances regarding the overall aesthetics there were numerous technical affordances that had to be met as well. One of those affordances was to guarantee a quick assembly of the profiPLUS50.

From sketch to construction model

Patented adjustment solution

Together with an engineering partner, aroma:id developed a flexible adjustment solution using only one screw that could be patented by ROLEC. Apart from a high degree of stability, the aluminum profiles offer ducts in the interior of the system that provide space for multiple cables such as HDMI, DVI and network cables. All system couplings are pre-fitted with a support profile and cable protectors are integrated into all rotating system elements as standard. The entire system consists of numerous parts designed by aroma:id that can be individually configured while at the same time communicating a coherent design language.

Simple and time-efficient assembly

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