How do we work tomorrow? This question can be seen as the starting point for this furniture development. Work-Life-Blending, non-territorial work or co-working are only some of the contents aroma:id dealt with in an in-depth investigation. The results of this study motivated Sedus and aroma:id to jointly develop se:note. As one of the leading European full-service providers for office furnishings and workplace concepts, Sedus Stoll AG, founded in 1871, stands for ergonomics, design and sustainability. In combination with aroma:id's expertise in innovation and design, numerous trendsetting concepts were developed in close cooperation, from which se:note emerged ahead of others - a radically reduced workplace that cleverly combines a seat and a writing surface in a monoblock design.

In times of increasing digitalization and agile and mobile working, the term "workplace" is undergoing a significant transformation. Increasingly, work is no longer located in a fixed place, but needs to be understood as flexible and mobile. Small workshops, spontaneous team meetings or agile work rounds require a universal piece of furniture for short-term sitting and for quick notes. se:note answers these requirements in a single piece of furniture and is always ready for use as a micro-workplace. With its low weight of six kilograms, it can be brought in just as quickly as it is put away or moved. When not in use, se:note can be staggered with its peers to save space. Practical elements such as a pen groove in the desk surface, optional felt glides on the underside and a recessed handle in the seat for lifting or pulling round off this clever piece of furniture.

The angled seat column, which optimally counteracts the forces, spreads out on the floor into two legs as a base, which in turn merge seamlessly into the table legs. These are also beveled to optimize stability and legroom. se:note acquires even more formal independence through its interplay of surfaces and edges, which on the one hand extend around the entire object in all dimensions like an endless band, and on the other hand run out gently or end abruptly due to their function. Variations in the widths of the surfaces, which sometimes function as light edges, sometimes as shadow gaps, precisely coordinated radii, uniform twists or stronger and weaker curved surfaces convey the dynamic character that does justice to the versatility and modern concept of se:note. At the same time, the design conveys precision, ergonomics and stiffness of the mono-furniture that is adapted to the material to meet the requirements. se:note consists of four components (desk surface, seat and the two-part frame unit), whereby it is supplied in two parts and can be quickly assembled and ready for use with only two screws.

se:note is made entirely of plastic

se:note will be available in black, basalt grey and pale grey

In close cooperation with the manufacturer, aroma:id developed a detailed design specification of all components ready for production and accompanied se:note until it was ready for production. Ergonomic studies and model tests on table and seat height, seat ergonomics and access, as well as stability and balance, influenced the design in all phases. In a very cooperative partnership, aroma:id was always able to build on the wealth of experience of Sedus Stoll AG.

Mock-up for ergonomic study

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