KOBIL has been entrusting aroma:id with all design matters for about 15 years. aroma:id supports KOBIL as early as the product conception stage and develop housings from start to finish for all kinds of devices.

The secOPTIC is yet another KOBIL device aroma:id designed for secure and comfortable online banking. The device uses an optical interface, which generates a TAN (transaction number) to be used on a digital screen.

Apart from a number of optical sensors the device is made up of only three control keys and a single-line LCD. As simple as it is to use the device as reliable and valuable the design of the housing has to be. As with all projects for KOBIL aroma:id had a determining influence on the positional arrangement of the circuit board, the batteries and the control keys and were able to achieve maximum compactness as well as user friendliness. The rounded shape of the housing allows the device to be easily stowed away in even the smallest pockets. The silver frame surrounding the device supports handling because the slightly protruding edge of the frame secures the grip as well as picking up the device from a flat surface. At the same time the frame helps to visually slim down the device even more.

Yet, the focus of this project was its technical main function: If you follow the silver band to the front you will see a wider flat section. This section holds the optics for the flicker-function, which is positioned in elongated holes in order to enlarge the viewing angle. Small rubber knobs between those holes protect the screen from scratches and keep the secOPTIC from slipping on the screen's surface. The angle of this surface represents the ideal compromise between a slim housing design, a comfortable viewing angle and good ergonomics when holding the device.

The silver frame has both functional and asthetic quality

The flicker-funciton generates a TAN-code

The silver frame is directly connected to the bottom shell of the device and is produced as one single part. Applying the silver coating is made possible through a special masking technique used during production. This is a manufacturing technique that aroma:id proposed and is only one example of the close and productive collaboration between the manufacturer of the housing and aroma:id that took place in Germany and China. The top shell of the housing seals the device using a vaulted black glossy film and prevents the device from being tampered with.

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