Design support in all categories, For many years aroma:id have been supporting the design departments of the Braun brand as an extended workbench in all matters in the field of design.

The Tribute Collection reissues BRAUN's most popular and proved kitchen appliances. The collection is characterized by a fine selection of simple and purposeful products that were designed for specific tasks in the kitchen. The new product line pays tribute to its predecessor by taking the original design approach and embedding it within a modern context. The new collection features distinct shapes, subtle green accents combined with glossy white main elements and an improved performance. The Tribute Collection represents functionality, quality and timeless elegance that integrates seamlessly into every kitchen.

The Tribute Collection's jug blender JB 3060 WHS is one of the products that we were involved in to a great extent. The glass jug with its unique triangular shape, which is able to generate a more efficient blending circulation due to its horizontal and vertical streams, was to be left unchanged. Instead the jug should take center stage for the Tribute Collection. Similar to the design approach of the entire Tribute Collection the base of the jug blender containing the motor unit is characterized by distinct and unobtrusive lines. It is comprised of a truncated cone which mirrors the conical shape of the jug. Consequently an hour glass shape came into being, clearly separating the base from the jug. The base is designed in a glossy white color with a characteristically high collar that serves as the socket for the jug while subtly hiding the docking site.
The jug itself was improved by reworking the handle as well as the lid with regard to their ergonomic characteristics. The blade unit can be removed in order to make the cleaning procedure significantly more comfortable and efficient. Keeping user friendliness in mind the interface was designed to look as simple and neat as possible. It consists of only one circular push-button to activate the turbo mode and an additional rotary knob which is used to select one of the five speed levels or the pulse-function of the blender. Only the green rotary knob accentuates the new jug blender and emphasizes its affiliation to the Tribute Collection.


Braun TributeCollection Blender JB 3060

Braun TributeCollection Foodprocessor FX 3030

We were also involved in the development of the food processors FP 3010 and FX 3030. Similar to the design characteristics of the other appliances in the collection the motor unit and the bowls are visually separated from the each other. This is being emphasized by the contrast between a glossy white synthetic material and a BPA-free transparent plastic. The innovative "side-by-side" layout of both food processors, where the bowl is positioned next to the motor unit allows for a significantly lower overall height of the machine. The Braun FX3030 even comes with an additional container which is a unique feature that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. The containers are specifically designed for various cooking processes in order to make preparing food even more efficient. As with all appliances of the series the food processors are characterized by a clean white surface on which are complemented by green control elements.

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