Working closely with the design management of Auerhahn aroma:id has been developing special accessories for the kitchen, living room and garden.

Carrying the name Piazza, aroma:id designed a two-part series consisting of a bird house and a feed dispenser that are a pleasure for both - the host and the guests. The design of the bird house is inspired by the archetypal shape of an A-frame house. Made from black weatherproof synthetic material combined with stainless steel, the construction protects from moisture and draught as soon as the closed side is positioned against the wind. A wooden rod provides comfort regarding the guests' take-off and landing procedure; the removable metal feed dish meets high hygiene standards.

The round base of the feed dispenser makes it possible for the birds to easily reach the feed from all sides. The feed container is shaped like a funnel and is positioned concentrically on the platform. It can hold feed for several days and protect it from moisture and frost, dispensing the feed as needed. The transparent material of the funnel allows for an open presentation and makes the fill level visible at all times.

Filling the dispenser is really simple: Remove the lid, fill in the feed, close the lid. By turning the feed dispenser the user can change the size of the arched opening in order to change the amount of feed that is dispensed into the feed dish.

Piazza birdhouse und feed dispenser

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