Since 2012 we have been supporting Schneider in all processes from research to the final product. Schneider is one of the oldest manufacturers of ball pen refills in the world and known for exceptional quality and the highest environmental standards.

The Slider Xite is an extraordinary product that aroma:id has designed for Schneider's Slider Series. What makes this ballpoint pen so special is that it is made of 90% bio-based plastics. These bio-based plastics are derived from renewable raw materials such as corn starch, sugar cane or beet. In order to communicate this environmental awareness through the design aroma:id opted for a pure white main color - but this was only one of the requirements regarding color and trim that had to be met. The formal kinship to the Slider Series was established through a conical, slightly vaulted tip and the concave shape of the barrel, which ensures a relaxed grip that allows for a tireless writing experience. The subtle embossing of the brand name and the model designation is framed by a curved line which complements the chrome-plated clip taking up the formal characteristics of the Slider Rave and the Slider Memo. The ring at the tip as well as the plug at the end of the barrel are designed in the Slider-typical cyan color. The asymmetrical elaborate plug is one of the most characteristic elements of the pen and is therefore predestined to carry the lettering "biobased".

Press photo Schneider Schreiberäte GmbH

Press photo Schneider Schreiberäte GmbH

Pressefoto Schneider Schreiberäte GmbH

The Schneider Xite was initially designed to be used for promotional purposes which is why it offers big areas that can carry brand logos and other prints. The pen is also available in a version without the embossed model name in order to maximize the available area for printing. The colours of all plastic parts of the Slider Xite can be configurated individually. Only a small inlay on the top of the pusher, that carries the Schneider logo, hints at the ink colour of the Viscoglide®-cartridge inside.

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