Even during the challenging times of the global pandemic, the German writing pen manufacturer Schneider has maintained its long-term partnership with aroma:id. The result is the third collaboratively developed fountain pen with standard ink cartridges. Wavy is aimed at the youngest writing target group, yet this beginners fountain pen is welcome to be counted among the more mature ones of its kind. With its classic design and universal ergonomics, Wavy is poised to maintain a place in the pencil cases of students long after their elementary school days. Enabling this longevity is, not least, a matter of durability – and Wavy is designed to withstand the playful nature of children's hands.

It was a very conscious decision by its creators for the new beginners fountain pen to set itself apart from most of its market counterparts with a rather moderate, almost serious design, one that neither appears dull nor compromises on the writing posture. Wavy brings together two crucial elements that define an ergonomic and affordable fountain pen: a fully rubberized grip zone and a single-component body. The stainless steel nib with iridium grain can withstand higher pressure if the learning process of writing is not yet smooth. This fountain pen, equally suitable for left- and right-handers, ambitiously aims to attract both the youngest and older children. As is usual in a design process, aroma:id presented several distinct design concepts for this purpose. The choice fell on the design with the working title "Orca”, featuring cheerfully flowing, powerful lines that fit together intriguingly.

Press photos Schneider Schreiberäte GmbH

Detail renderings in the current colours blue and pink

Detail renderings in the current colours green and orange

At first glance, the sturdy metal clip on the cap of the fountain pen catches the eye, faithfully fulfilling its primary function of securing. Its design initiates the play of curves: soft yet powerful S-curves are evident from every perspective. The entire clip profile transitions from a convex to a concave curvature. The clip's end is designed with a semi-circular rounding, adding a soft and friendly touch while emphasizing the circular 'eye'. Here, a small hemisphere emerges through the hole in the metal, assuming the role of the so-called clip droplet.

The overall silhouette of the fountain pen carries these dynamic shapes with their rounded tips. Almost as playful as a treble clef, the gently sculpted edges sweep across the entire cap, becoming clearly visible in the reflections of the shiny surface. When the cap is fitted, a special harmony of edges emerges when the clip's eye and the top of the barrel align in one direction. The line of the clip is extended into the barrel, and the matte clip droplet adds the proverbial i-dot to the matte surface carrying the embossed Schneider logo. When the cap is removed, it becomes evident that the lines seamlessly extending from the barrel into the grip section form an elongated mirror image of the cap. The shape of the matte surface is not entirely coincidentally resembling a traditional quill. However, aesthetic and semantic considerations were not the only factors at play. Rather, the edge guidance initiates the profiling of the grip section, ensuring that the thumb and index finger rest on an optimally angled surface. The rubberized grip surface neither enforces too rigid of a hand posture nor leaves pressure marks on the fingers. Even the anti-slip feature at the front of the grip area adheres to the aesthetics of the line work without compromising on ergonomics.

The first sketch of the design pursued further

Early CAD interim status and first colour proposal

Product rendering of the final design

The close, continuous communication with Schneider, coupled with aroma:id's extensive expertise in collaborative pen design, ensured a seamless development process through to series production in this project. The Schneider Wavy beginners fountain pen is available in four colours, each boasting a distinctive, almost neon-like vibrancy. However, the pen shows restraint in its production: aiming to instill environmental awareness in its young audience, Wavy is carbon-neutral and manufactured in Germany using green energy. Thanks to Schneider's high level of dedication, as exemplified in projects with collaborators such as ClimatePartner, choosing Wavy signifies a commitment to climate protection and plastic-free oceans.

Product rendering

We are proud that the Wavy was awarded the "German Design Awards Special Mention" for "Excellent Product Design, Stationery".

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