As an experienced industrial design studio we are proud to offer you an integrated design approach based on a modular system of design services that can be tailored to your individual needs.



In order to create meaningful products it is essential to gain insights into the user‘s behaviour and needs. We conduct interviews with users and experts to learn about behavioural patterns or make home visits to observe the challenges the consumer faces in his every day routine. This in turn helps us to frame the problem and lay a solid foundation for each project.


Analyzing the market plays a vital role in devising a successful project strategy. We study the competition in regard to design, price structure and target group definition, among other aspects. In this way we are able to get a comprehensive view on the possibilities of product positioning and gain knowledge about cues that can support the design of a product or a service.


The observation of emerging trends and the study of market developments is often a useful indicator and a good source of inspiration for new ideas. Nevertheless, it is also an important part of our analysis to evaluate to what extend the project we are working on needs to be subject to alleged trends. Sometimes going against the grain can be more benefitial to the success of a project.


Understanding a brand, its history and the current and past product portfolio is every bit as important as internalizing the design language and the manifold functions of a specific product. Only then it is possible to create a successful product that will represent the values of the brand.



We often incorporate various types of workshops into our ideation process. Depending on the client‘s needs this can be a design-thinking workshop with people from various professional backgrounds where we co-create ideas together with the client or a more compact workshop that we conduct internally at our studio in order to explore different paths.


Sketches are an important part of every project. They are used for presentations in order to convince the viewer or to explain particular features of a product. Yet, the phase where it is of even greater value to the design process as a whole is during the iterative ideation phase. In this divergent exploration phase creating a large amount of quick sketches is an essential tool to express, explore and communicate ideas.


Similar to ideation sketches the quick creation of physical models is an equally important part of the ideation process. By generating a number of quick and dirty paper or clay models within a short amount of time it is possible to swiftly validate a design, understand the proportions of an object and get a sense of scale.


One-Day-Projects can be a good way to explore design opportunities and assess the potential of an idea. Within one working day we will develop an idea and provide a visualization of the concept and an appropriate documentation thereof. This in turn helps the client to quickly determine subsequent steps for a project.



In our iterative design process we always place the user at the heart of our deliberations. We develop moodboards, create a product story and lay the foundation for a solid product positioning strategy. During the concept development process we stay in close contact with our client at all times, exchanging opinions, presenting preliminary results and continually improving the product.


Ideas need to be communicated. In order to do so we use various tools to illustrate products or services to our clients or for our clients to use in their communication channels. The medium can be as diverse as a pencil drawing, an elaborate marker sketch, a digital drawing, an infographic or even a collage.


Making 3D-Renderings has become an increasingly benefitial tool during most stages of a project. White renderings can be used to communicate early CAD stages with the client in order to evaluate geometric details and shapes. In later stages of the project different materials and colors can swiftly be visualized and towards the end of a project we create high- quality studio renderings to create photorealistic images.


Making physical models can serve a diverse range of purposes within the design process. Apart from ideation mock-ups we build functional models to demonstrate technical aspects of a product, design models to convey the look and feel of a product or proportional models to test ergonomics and get a sense of scale. In order to do so we use various techniques ranging from paper models and clay or foam models to detailed 3D-printed objects.



CAD modelling is a part of virtually every project. Depending on the needs of the client the detailing of a model can reach different levels. In cases the CAD model is needed for image creation and communication purposes the construction of a model can be accomplished within a relatively narrow timeframe. In other cases we support our clients with CAD for manufacturing and refine the model until it is ready for production.


At the end of certain milestones or at the end of a project we can present the project outcome or inter-mediate results to the client. If needed we can also provide the client with a comprehensive project documentation or a presentation document enabling the client to give a presentation on the design process and the project outcome. This document serves as the foundation for further steps and provides the client with a solid argumentation regarding the project.


After a successful project there are still plenty of things to do. We support our clients with presentation documents or can enter the project into a design competition. We will also inspect prototypes and early production samples in order to ensure a high level of production quality. Should our clients need support in designing and planning an exhibition booth for a fair we are able to offer our support in this regard as well.

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Design inspires us. We love to explore new paths, find surprising solutions and bring exciting products to market together with our partners. At the same time we feel comfortable with ambitious design tasks, technical restrictions, binding briefings and finite budgets. We find our happiness in the satisfaction of our clients and the success of the products and services we designed.

In order to design successful products it is essential to bundle interdisciplinary competencies. Not least due to our long-standing partnerships with specialists from various fields of expertise we can be your partner in all design matters. From research to market implementation we can also support you regarding specific requests that reference a particular aspect from our range of services.