Schneider wanted to bring a simple pen on the market that complements the lower price segment of the existing range of fountain pens and cartridge rollerballs and entrusted aroma:id with the design development of the product. The new product should fit standard ink cartridges and was to be manufactured from a plain colored single-component plastic material. But apart from these requirements it was equally important to design a humble piece of sophisticated writing equipment that rekindles the love for hand-written notes and letters. In times when digital messaging services dominate our communication culture this is not an easy task. Nevertheless, aroma:id embraced this challenge to create something special for this segment that stands out from the crowd.

At first glance the rollerball’s filigree lines are not directly revealed. But as soon as you hold the Ceod Shiny in your hands and examine it from every angle the finesse of the pen’s design becomes apparent. Starting at the tip the front edge evolves into an elegant wave that moves towards the middle of the cap. At this point the wave dissolves smoothly towards the center of the pen only to gradually reappear towards the end of the shaft giving the Ceod Shiny its distinctive character. The perfect technical implementation of the precise edges and lines allows for a dynamic interplay between shadows and reflections. The Ceod Shiny distinguishes itself from its sister model the Ceod Classic with its premium glossy finish through a characteristic silky shimmering surface. Both surface finishes manage to showcase the delicate design language in their own way. With its sophisticated and elegant combination of surface finish and color the Ceod Shiny lives up to the ambitious design aspirations of the project. The Ceod Classic comes in black or white and communicates a distinctly functional character. aroma:id designed the pen in two essential variations: one with a sturdy metal clip and one with a robust plastic clip (sold as Schneider Xpect). What the Xpect may lack in terms of material sophistication is compensated through the detailed lines of the plastic clip. The Xpect as well as the Ceod both feature a clip that is shaped in the form of an arc but unlike the Ceod's metal clip the plastic clip of the Xpect is designed in one piece transitioning seamlessly into the plug. This emphasizes the design language without making any compromises regarding functionality.

Press photo Schneider Schreiberäte GmbH

The timeless and puristic elegance combined with the perfect interplay between form, ergonomics and the high quality implementation of the design also convinced the jury of the German Design Council who awarded the Ceod Shiny with the prestigious German Design Award 2020 – an accolade that emphasizes the excellent collaboration between Schneider and aroma:id.

Press photo Schneider Schreiberäte GmbH

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