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For Sedus Stoll AG - one of the leading European manufacturers of office solutions - aroma:id has designed se:note, a micro-workplace that cleverly unites desk and seat and thus offers freedom of design to reinterpret work areas. Sociological trends and the constant transformation of everyday working life were the driving forces behind the concept. Its implementation in monolithic construction, its ergonomics and aesthetics make se:note an extraordinary and contemporary piece of furniture for in-between spaces.

Ceod Shiny


Schneider wanted to bring a simple pen on the market that complements the lower price segment of the existing range of fountain pens and cartridge rollerballs and entrusted aroma:id with the design development of the product. Schneider and aroma:id were awarded the prestigious German Design Award 2020 for the design of the Ceod Shiny.

pure-profi collection


Fissler is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality cookware. In designing the pure-profi collection, aroma:id has created a modern counterpart to a classic of this premium brand. In 2020 the design was awarded the prestigious iF Award.

JIVE M² Sedeo Ergo

Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical is introducing the JIVE M² Sedeo Ergo, a new high-end product on the market of electric wheelchairs. The special challenge for aroma:id was to develop a design concept that is compatible with the modularity and provides a high degree of individualisation.

Identity Collection

De'longhi Braun

Design support in all categories. For many years aroma:id has been supporting the design departments of the Braun brand as an extended workbench in all matters in the field of design. In the area of kitchen devices aroma:id was intensely involved in the development of the Identity Collection which embodies the Braun design characteristics and focuses on the user‘s affordances and needs.



Ray is the first pen that aroma:id designed for Schneider - available as fountain pen and rollerball. With its modern and dynamic design the Schneider Ray is mainly aimed at students and young adults. In 2018 Ray was honored with the Plus X Award in the categories High Quality, Design and Functionality.



aroma:id participated in the Design Challenge 2018 of the tractor manufacturer Valtra from Finland. The concept CENTAUR was rated among the top five designs of 107 submissions and received an "Honorable Mention". The jury found that the tractor left a lasting impression and praised it especially for its "amazing tires and the andvanced suspension".

Who we are?

aroma:id has been supporting renowned companies and design brands since 1999. The spectrum includes the consumer and capital goods industries at home and abroad. We consider design as a „player’s game“ and a „team competition“. Our credo, our values and our standards are met by each member of our team.